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How to use the 7 leadership skills during the Coronavirus

First a few fun factors.

Nols students know how to deal with the lack of TP. So don't worry about all the crazy people running to the supermarket to buy it all.

Many Nols students know how to make a delicious meal out of a few ingredients. Same thing, even if you are lacking on variety of food when being on quarantine you will be most likely to make some good food.

Learning how to live for long periods of time on small spaces is a must on Nols Courses.

Hopefully by the end of your course, you learned really good higiene habits (washing your hands) wich is the key to stay healthy specially righ now.

How to use  the 7 leadership skills during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

I been working for Nols since 2008 and every time I tried to explain my job is hard because all the skills we teach when we are in the field are at times hard to quantified or even explain. I am a true believer than what we teach at Nols are skills applicable to our regular life and I think the seven leadership skills will become really handy during this Coronavirus quarantine. Here is a list of the skills and how can they help us to survive to the virus.

Expedition (quarantine) Behavior.

Staying in one place without being able to go out can be challenging, during Nols trips when kayaking or mountaineering many times we have to stay in our tents because a big storm. Think about what is happening now being the storm.

As a good expedition members, we try to serve the mission and the goal of the group ( in this case your family, country or the world). Staying at home help to slow down or even stop the propagation  of the virus.

Day one sharing with someone on a small space? Not problem, lets talk about life and enjoy the company, but what happen after a few days? Patient start to run short and even little things can turn into a fight. Just be nice to each other! Keep open communications, keep sharing daily tasks and enjoy this one in a life experience.


Display basic competence and actively improve your

organization and management skills.
technical skills.
physical abilities.

Is never to late to learn new skill, staying at home offer a countless number of things you can learn, practice and get better at. The organizing home project you had  for year, playing and instrument or learning new drawing techniques are some of them. Even part  of your training for the up coming climbing season can be done in a small space if you use your imagination an resources.


Being isolated at home is not a reason to disconnect from the world, seek for an opportunity in every challenge. Now is the time to stay in contact with the people you care about it. Send them an email, give them a call. Stay inform also of what is going on out there and what is the best way to share important information to your love ones.

Judgment and decision making

You are all ready making good decisions if you are at home. 

Use your experience and previous knowledge  to decide what is appropriate

When being in the mountains or when climbing or kayaking making good decisions and using your judgment it’s all about staying safe and keeping others safe. Now is the same, the environment and the scenario are different but all the same principles apply.

Tolerance for adversity and Uncertainty.

You are in your tent wind is 60 m/h and temperature out there is 0ºF, your are running short on food and is unlikely you will make it on time for the re-ration. Sound familiar? Well, as being in the outdoor or on the ¨frontcountry¨ you have two options, to be negative about it or to embrace the challenge. 
This Challenge is an opportunity for many new thing, to slow down in life, to learn new skill, to keep working from home, to learn how to mannage stress, etc. 
Remember to look at thing on perspective, stay positive and use humor as a tool to release some of the tension.

Self Awareness

Working from home or just staying at home not working? Well, doesn't really matters. Just be aware of your abilities and skills and how to use them on something productive. When being in the mountains working with others is important to know our strengths and weaknesses. Same thing here, use your strength to help others to solve some of the problems. Also don't forget to ask for help on when you need it.

Vision and action

Be prepare! Look at thing you can do to help others o to help yourself. Offer help to older people who can not go out for groceries or medicine, be a team player, look for ways to create a supportive community around you neighbors and friends. A few weeks at home can go fast and by the end you discovered than you didn't do much. Stay active and set daily goals and tasks to accomplish every day.

If you are able to follow some of this skills you learned during you trip and share them with others you can help more people to saty safe!

Pedro Binfa

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